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Rebel is your web3 community in a box.

Rebel is your web3 community in a box.

Rebel is for individuals

Run your entire web3 site, or only a piece of it. Use Rebel for announcements, host a discussion board, or have your community to vote on ideas.

Fully customize the look and feel of your community so it stands out and reps your brand fully.

Rebel is for your community

Token-gating content rewards your supporters and ensures that you’re never stressed by bots or bad actors flooding the chat.

Rebel’s unified feed surfaces the information your community cares about so they never miss a NFT drop, a proposal, or a discussion worth participating in.

Rebel is secure

Nobody said working in web3 meant constantly moderating armies of moonboys, fighting with spam bots, and warding off sketchy wallet phishing attacks.

Rebel has been built with web3 security in mind from the beginning; not as an afterthought.

Rebel embraces the tools you’re already using

Send announcements to the places your community is already looking for information.

Email, Text message, Telegram, Discord, and Twitter… Post one announcement inside rebel and push that activity everywhere else.

Host the resulting discussions on Rebel.

Rebel is on the blockchains that matter

Run your community on the Ethereum main network; or more affordable Ethereum L2 networks like Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Starknet, and zkSync.

Rebel supports them all.


Lots of people told me I couldn’t start my own NFT project without an engineer, lol. Rebel is like crypto Tumblr. You don’t have to be a programmer to understand it. It’s for artists. I love it so much. ❤️


Building a product in public with a DAO is already hard enough. Trying to do it all from within Discord was a nightmare.

Dope Wars became productive again by directing feature requests and discussions to a token-gated area of Rebel instead.

punk #4779

Rebel makes it easy for new people joining the Pride Punks DAO to understand our mission, and figure out where they can help with our cause.


I’m advising all my portfolio companies to use Rebel primarily over the default chat streams of Telegram and Discord. We use the announcements features to reach those platforms instead.

Rebel cuts the bullshit so our teams can focus on executing and delivering great experiences to their communities.

Built only for token powered projects.


Rebel’s ERC-20 Token and ERC-721 NFT presale service and can handle even the most hyped whitelist drops and prevent gas wars.

You don’t need to be a Solidity engineer to launch a token-powered community.


Automatically assign roles to your community based on ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 token ownership on any Ethereum network we support.

Grant access based on ownership level to any section of your Rebel site.


Rebel provides a laid back atmosphere for building by providing space for thoughtful longform discussions and simple, ephemeral real-time chat streams.

We’ve designed Rebel to work great for both solo creators with an audience and thousand-member DAOs.


Post bounties for your community to tackle work as a team, then reward them upon completion in your project’s token.

All bounties are verifiable through on-chain voting that is fully auditable and completely un-ruggable.

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