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Rebel is a complete web3 creator toolkit.

Rebel is a complete web3 creator toolkit.


Your content and community aren't controlled by Rebel or any other platform. You have complete control over your business, content, and future.


Publishing to web3 means having thousands of business partners all over the world building new experiences and distribution opportunities for you.

Easy to Use

Rebel was built to make web3 easy to use, not just for you, also for your community and supporters.


All content posted uses Rebel's credibly-neutral protocol to cryptographically verify the author—no bots, no inauthenticity.


Everything you publish is stored on the permaweb and cannot be removed or banned by any platform.


Lots of people told me I couldn’t start my own NFT project without an engineer, lol. Rebel is like crypto Tumblr. You don’t have to be a programmer to understand it. It’s for artists. I love it so much. ❤️


Building a product in public with a DAO is already hard enough. Trying to do it all from within Discord was a nightmare.

Dope Wars became productive again by directing feature requests and discussions to a token-gated area of Rebel instead.

punk #4779

Rebel makes it easy for new people joining the Pride Punks DAO to understand our mission, and figure out where they can help with our cause.


I’m advising all my portfolio companies to use Rebel primarily over the default chat streams of Telegram and Discord. We use the announcements features to reach those platforms instead.

Rebel cuts the bullshit so our teams can focus on executing and delivering great experiences to their communities.

Built for token powered communities.


You shouldn't need to be a Solidity engineer to launch a token-powered community. Rebel makes it easy to mint and launch membership NFTs.

Token Gate

Create groups based on NFT & token ownership on any Ethereum network we support. Grant access based on ownership level to any section of your Rebel site.


Bounties, contests, events, discussions, and more help create a fun space for your members to work with you to grow your community and accomplish shared goals.


Rebel's powerful rewards system makes it easy for contributors to share in the upside of your success.

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