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A weekly catchup call between Mike and Miriam


Today on Foxhole, your hosts Mike and Miriam discuss the Apple WWDC 2018 recap. Get the exciting news as well as Mikes input on some of the new features you can expect with iOS 12. iOS 12 - More power to you "Shortcuts" Is Apple’s Solution to Making Siri More Useful You should follow Fox
On this episode of Foxhole, we help you understand the power Facebook really has and how they build psychological profiles on you as well as how they track you. We also take a look at Snapchats re-design of their latest re-design and the impact of Facebook stealing Snapchats “stories” feat
Mike & Miriam discuss sports betting and the related federal ban that was over turned as well as Esports scholarships and the future of all sports. On the second half of the show, learn great tips for hiring and on-boarding in a startup or small business, the future of remote hiring and
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